VIII International short-film competition
Announcement 2013

Coffee meant in the term’s wider sense (beverage, plant, coffee bean, meeting place, etc…) is the muse of Caffè Corto Moak, the international short-film competition promoted by Caffè Moak. Launched in 2006, the contest is a showcase for the creativeness of young talents that can take part with works of open topic and genre. The short-film competition once again shows how coffee can be connected to art in all its forms. All chosen short-films will be filed in the Caffè Corto Moak film library.

Send your short-film


€ 2.500,00best short-film

€ 1.000,00best direction

€ 500,00best script

On the occasion of the awarding event, the chosen short-films will be shown.

Except in the case of expressed prohibition from the authors (or those who reserve the rights), the chosen short-films can be published on the official Caffè Corto Moak website as well as on other video sharing platforms (facebook, vimeo, youtube, etc.)



President: Enrico Ghezzi (film critic and TV author) Members: Cristina Borsatti (critic), Francesco Calogero (director), Giannandrea Pecorelli (producer).

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